Wildlife and nature are under threat across the world. Many of us care about nature and do what we can to help. But often, places where we think nature is safe – it isn’t.

Many conventional conservation bodies still use cruel and outdated methods to manage land. For example, in the UK – deer, foxes, squirrels and other animals are routinely being trapped and killed in the name of nature conservation. This clearly isn’t working.

The Vegan Land Trust will take a different approach to nature conservation – one of compassionate conservation. We will provide alternatives to conventional land management – in effect we will be putting nature first. We will create resources to help others manage land. We will acquire and manage land to create sanctuaries for wildlife.

These places will provide safe places for people to have peaceful enjoyment of the outdoors – free from the fear and distress of seeing traps, hearing gunshot, encountering hunts.

The Vegan Land Trust aims to create land richer in wildlife – to provide great places for people to be close to nature, learn about our shared natural world and to play a part in compassionate conservation.