People love nature, children love nature. Loving and caring for nature, for wildlife, for others is part of what makes us human. It is one the great things about people.

Many people feed birds, and make sure that there is water for birds to drink and to bathe in. For most people, when they see an injured animal, or a hungry baby hedgehog, the instinct is to help, to care, to save a life. Children love feeding ducks on a pond, or squirrels in a park. For some people, daily connection with nature and wildlife prevents loneliness. Being in nature raises our spirits, and can help us enjoy happier, healthier lives.

A walk in the park or the countryside is so much more enjoyable with the sight of a kestrel overhead, or brightly coloured butterflies flitting between flowers, hares running around a field, the glimpse of the tail of a red fox, or a flock of sparrows chattering away in a hedgerow. These once commonplace moments are becoming rarer all the time, as our wildlife populations decline and species disappear. We love nature, and we want to create safe places for wildlife, for now, and for the future.

We will work to raise awareness of the importance of nature and wildlife – for human well-being and for peace coexistence with the natural world. We will do this through case studies, land management guidance, and working with partners.

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